Our Chef

Will has his heart set on sharing with you his love for chocolate, his ephemeral and painstaking creations that leave nothing to chance. His creations are finely crafted from raw, unrefined ingredients. Raw, like the bitterness of the cocoa powder that softly blankets the ganache. Raw, like the burst of flavour on your taste buds. Truffles are a sight for sore eyes.

Will Deguenon

Curious by nature and about nature that inspires him, he also draws inspiration from the women who shaped his life. He now channels that inspiration into his own creations in an uplifting combination of dazzling colours, velvety textures and vivid flavours.
He is always eager to innovate to elevate chocolate and create the unexpected. Having explored four continents, he wants to take you on a journey that will culminate in surprise, comfort and wellness. The doors to Will’s world are wide open: a world with no limits where pleasure is king.